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Bio-DECONDITIONNEUR™ Paddle Depacker

Bio-DECONDITIONNEUR™ Paddle Depacker

The Paddle Depacker
is installed at SCEA Mont-aux-Roux, farmer with biogas installation in Normandy. This high capacity depackaging unit processes various kinds of supermarket waste with a capacity up to 30 m3 per hour. The clean organic soup is used for his own biogas installation.

Pollutec 2021

Pollutec 2021

Take a look back at four days of the POLLUTEC Lyon 2021 trade fair. More than 100 projects where on offer on the stand, a great collaborative effort between the MAVITEC and IDEAL teams presented the BioDECONDITIONNEUR and REVOLUTION. The solutions for the management of packaged organic materials clearly caught the interest of professionals.

Who are we

Founded in 2003, IDEAL Technologies is an innovative SME which designs, manufactures and markets machines for processing ordinary industrial waste on site.

Our job : install industrial solutions to transform waste into resources.

To date, more than 400 installations have been sold, notably at Danone, Senoble, Freudenberg, SEDE environnement, L'Oréal, LDC and even Nestlé.

Two of the companies equipped by IDEAL Technologies received awards in 2007 for their recycling efforts:
Coca-Cola Entreprises UK (“let’s recycle” price) and Hero France (2007 Ademe “waste - 10%” price).

In 2009, IDEAL Technologies has launched 2 new ranges:
REVOLUTION Process (re-use of in-line materials) and I.TechTM (positive energy drying by enthalpy).

In 2011 the ESSOR ™ range is created with the Biodeconditionneur ™ to separate packaged organic unsold products.

In 2014 : the VALPA patent makes it possible to produce CSRs from DIBs.

2017 is the year of the Bionel ™: collection and in situ processing of organic waste.