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Valorisation des rebuts de production en laiterie

Recovery of dairy production scrap

Five installations on dairy products sites in Morocco. We always do more: recycling containers (HDPE) and contents (dairy products).

Who are we

Founded in 2003, IDEAL Technologies is an innovative SME which designs, manufactures and markets machines for processing industrial wastes on site.

Our job : install industrial solutions to transform waste into resources.

To date, more than 400 installations have been sold, a many wich Danone, Senoble, Freudenberg, SEDE environnement, L'Oréal, LDC, Nestlé, Coca-cola, etc...

Two of the companies equiped by IDEAL Technologies received awards in 2007 for their recycling efforts:
Coca-Cola Entreprises UK (“let’s recycle” price) and Hero France (2007 Ademe “waste - 10%” price).

In 2009, IDEAL Technologies has launched 2 new ranges:
REVOLUTION™ Process (re-use of in-line materials) and I.Tech™ (positive energy drying by enthalpy).

In 2011 ESSOR ™ (folly automated cleaning) range is created with the Deconditionneur ™ to separate packed organic products.

In 2014 : the VALPA patent guarnated to produce RDFs from papermilk waste type.

2017 is the year of the BioMEL™: collection and in situ processing of organic waste in industiral kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc...