revolution™ 200

revolution™ 200

The revolution ™ 200 wringer is an industrial wringer for emptying the contents of hollow bodies for recycling..

The revolution ™ 200 is designed to manage waste deposits incurred from restaurants, hotels, hot spots, airports and also from industrial production lines including soft drinks, and to empty packaging: cartons, PET / HDPE bottles, yoghurts in PS Aluminium etc.

This is the most compact version of our range. The revolution ™ 200 has the same advantages as the larger 500 and 2500 versions, dealing with the treatment of diffuse deposits with less outflow.

Thanks to its 150-litre feed hopper and its 4-kW engine, it demonstrates a performance rate of up to 5m3 / hour.

This equipment can be installed inside a facility, at the end of a production line, as well as on exterior sorting / separation platforms.

It is available in steel or stainless-steel versions depending on the type of waste to be treated. Its characteristics, in particular its small footprint, ergonomics and ease of use will bring satisfaction to both owners and users alike.

Depending on the constraints of use and the layout of the site, the revolution ™ 200 machine can adapt its loading system from the right or from the left, including the following parts: tippers, conveyor belts and even chain lift. Its easy feed mechanism allows users to work in conditions of optimized cleanliness and hygiene.

Upon detection of errors the revolution ™ 200 is equipped with an automatic shutdown system, which ensures safe handling.

This robustly constructed machine is adapted for outdoor use; the enclosed feed hopper and the automatic start-up system eliminate any handling inconveniences as well as the sanitary problems linked to odours or insects. The revolution ™ 200 machine is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of materials when it comes to emptying and dewatering.

Emptying, using the revolution ™ 200 process, allows the extraction of nearly 95% of liquids thanks to the technical principle of extrusion. The extraction rate achieved by the revolution ™ 200 wringer demonstrates its perfect customisation for food-line processing: soups and sauces, drinks, dairy products, etc.

The revolution ™ 200 can also be used for dewatering materials such as rock wool, feathers, cellulose sludge, with a larger engine capacity.

The customer has several peripheral options for feeding the machine and collecting the contained liquids depending on the selected waste management and recovery route: such as storage in barrels before recycling or recovery through the usual sanitation network when possible.

More than 400 revolution ™ machines have been successfully installed within mainstream industrial sectors (all industries) and their users confirm that there is no other equipment capable of extracting liquids so efficiently, at this level of performance.
The resultant packaging waste which is wrung out can be treated or recovered as it is..

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- L 2000 x W 1.2 x H 1.3
- Weight 1200 kgs

Options :
- Peripherals: container lift, tipper, conveyor, hoppers, pumps and compactors
- Materials: steel, stainless steel, other
- Engineering: industrial integration
- Maintenance: modem, after-sales service, maintenance contract
- Turnkey delivery and assistance, training

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