On-site Pre-treatment

On-Site Pretreatment and Reutilisation

  1. Manual or automatic collection
  2. Separation of the container and the liquid thanks to the auger system
  3. Liquid recovery
  4. Recovery and recycling

On industrial sites, production waste (which includes both post-production waste and products, and quality control defects) represents very large volumes and involves high transportation costs through a recycling or recovery channel.
Recovery of liquids can give them a second life.


Economise :

Our response will allow you to considerably reduce transport costs by significantly reducing the weight and volume of pre-treated scrap.

Principles of the operation

The proven and proprietary process we offer, yields greater efficiency than standard presses, combined with lower operating costs.

A filtration system separates liquids from solids. The recovered liquid can in some cases be reused. This separation of liquids allows very significant weight saving.