revolution™ 2500

revolution™ 2500

With its flow rate of 15m3 / hour allowing a high throughput and performance for dewatering industrial waste, the revolution ™ 2500 machine is particularly suitable for units that handle large tonnages such as paper mills or Common Industrial Waste sorting centres. Designed to separate the containers from the contents (emptying) and to ensure maximum spinning, making it possible to achieve liquid extraction rates greater than 95% (emptying function), the revolution ™ 2500 thus allows the recuperation of materials with a view to their recovery in material recycling or RSC, anaerobic digestion or amendment.

Manufactured in France, this equipment can be installed as a complete system; integrating upstream conveyors and tippers and downstream, the recovery of outflow by tanks or filtering tanks and liquid flow systems. Thus, enabling the continuous feed of the revolution ™ 2500 machine.

Easy to maintain, controlled by remote modem (SIM card or ADSL customer) as part of a service plan offered during the sale by our technicians and including preventive or curative maintenance, this equipment is under constant surveillance with remote data analysis which generates remarkable responsiveness.

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- L 5091 cm x W 1986 cm x H 2000cm
- Weight 4500 kgs

Options :
- Peripherals: container lift, tipper, conveyor, twin screw feed, hoppers, pumps and compactors
- Materials: steel, stainless steel, other
- Engineering: industrial integration
- Maintenance: modem, after-sales service, maintenance contract
- Turnkey delivery and assistance, training

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