revolution™ 500

revolution™ 500

The revolution ™ 500 machine empties and wrings out filled packaging on site by separating the containers from the contents (yoghurt pots, puree sachets, milk cartons, soft drink cans, mineral water bottles, cosmetics, etc.) It permits industrialists to recover and recycle their effluents and packaging in order to meet and anticipate environmental standards. Treated on site by the revolution™ 500, waste flows are controlled, and storage areas reduced.

It is adapted to the treatment of packaging quality control rejects :

  • The agri-food industry: from the dairy industry, to soft-drinks but also thick, partial solid products such as purees etc.
  • cosmetic industries such as shampoos

The revolution ™ 500 is equally useable for dewatering industrial waste or production waste: from slaughterhouses for example, for wringing out feathers or rock wool. The device obtains very effective results with these types of products, allowing them to be prepared for recycling or reuse.

The revolution ™ 500 has a processing capacity of 8 M3/ hour. The 15 to 1 compaction ratio ensures more than 90% emptying. The revolution ™ 500 is designed to limit noise to 55 db. It is compact, only 3 m3 x 1.2 m and weighs 1.1 tonnes.

In order to allow continuous feeding of the machine, peripherals can be installed to feed the products in, such as container lifters and conveyor belts, and downstream also for the recovery of the output.

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Dimensions :

  • L 3000 x W 1200 x H 1500
  • Weight 1200 kgs

Options :

  • Peripherals: container lift, tipper, conveyor belt, hoppers, pumps and compactors
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, other
  • Engineering: industrial integration
  • Maintenance: modem, after-sales service, maintenance contract
  • Turnkey delivery and assistance, training

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