Rotodryer™ and concentrator

Rotodryer™ and concentrator

Many energy-intensive technologies have been put forward to allow the drying of effluents and liquids at industrial sites. The Rotodryer™ utilise les énergies fatales du site et permet de concentrer sans apport d’énergie.

Pour évaporer l’eau liée en continu, le Rotodryer ™ grâce à ses concentrateurs rotatifs automatisés, permet de concentrer les liquides à basse température par évapotranspiration. Cette technique est adaptée pour les phases liquides avec des matières sèches jusqu’à 14%.

For products, such as anaerobic digestion digestates, which contain more than 25% dry matter, this technology, which has been developed by the Belgian company Spiessens, prepares the material using a phase separator and then concentrates the liquid phase, which is obtained using the waste-heat from the site - low temperature air, lukewarm, cold water, etc. - for automated enthalpy drying. 

These technologies, including peripherals, are fully integrated as part of the comprehensive on-site engineering, to enable the drying process, conveying it out of the workshop for spinning, and for the concentration of liquids and drying for the recovery of liquid and solid materials: processed water, composting, soil conditioners and animal feed. These units are delivered turnkey: building, air flow management partitions, air washer.

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Specifications :

- Dimensions (length x width x height): ± 4.286 x ± 4.960 x ± 2.868 mm
 - Total weight (empty): ± 3,900 kg
 - Total weight (full): ± 7.100 kg 
- Efficiency at 20 ° C outside, 50% RH: 1.0 l / kW 
- Evaporation at 20 ° C outside, 50% RH: 800 l / h


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